YouTuple is a webapp I made with my friend Leopold. It is a tool for retrieving all the YouTube videos of a given webpage and creating a playlist (a Tuple) for playing them in order. Instead of scrolling up and down, thumbing through tabs, clicking play and pause, you just tuple the page and get a skippable playlist for your enjoyment.

I came upon the idea while browsing Dissensus and similar forums, blogs and music related Facebook groups. YouTube has become the de facto way to share music in this sort of context (with SoundCloud embeds being another popular alternative). But sometimes just getting the music is a hassle, you end up clicking from tab to tab, scrolling up and down, looking for the video that’s playing and finding the next one to play. YouTuple solves this problem by creating a “Tuple” from all the videos on a webpage that then plays in order, so you can focus on browsing, procrastinating on Facebook or whatever.

This was a way of scratching my own itch, but seeing as YouTube is becoming the most popular way to listen to music I thought maybe other people might like it too.

I quickly found out that I wasn’t the only one who’d stumbled upon an idea like this. Play’em is similar and gathers the YouTube videos your friends have posted on Facebook. Why’d, Youtify and MusicPlayer allow you to create playlists from YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks and other sources. Perhaps the most interesting one however is Tomahawk, a music player that connects all kinds of different music sources in a native app and on the web.

However none of these excactly replicate the functionality of YouTuple completely. I don’t see YouTuple as becoming a platform for organizing and storing playlists. Its more of a middle step in the music discovery process. Get all the Youtube videos of a page, create a playlist that is easy to skip through and provides relevant links to buy the tracks on mp3 or add them to your streaming services of choice.

YouTuple runs on a Django/Python backend but most of the functionality is in client side javascript/jquery. You can follow @youtuple on Twitter and like it on Facebook if you want to get updates on further developments. Any feedback and criticism is appreciated and please let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you enjoy YouTuple!