In 2012 Breakbeat.is crowdfunded the publication of a book entitled Taktabrot - Veggspjöld, flugumiðar og annað prentefni úr starfi Breakbeat.is 2000-2012 1. The book contains more than 100 Breakbeat.is posters and flyers from 60 icelandic and international designers.

Around 150 people contributed their hard earned cash to our crowdfunding efford and enabled us to get the book printed, in return they got copies of the book, tickets to the relase party and their name in the book itself. The layout and design of the book was done Ragnar Freyr, chief designer of Breakbeat.is, the text was written by yours truly.

Making this book a reality was a lot of fun. We made a homebrewed crowdfunding platform utilizing regular bank transfers instead of credit cards. It was a close and anxious run but in the last few days contributions rolled in and we were able to get the book printed.

I’m very happy with the book. It provides an insight into the graphical design scene in Reykjavik in the last decade and gives an overview of what has been going on in dance music in our nations capital during the last few years. Also it is a tangible reminder of all the hard but enjoyable work that has gone into running Breakbeat.is. Flipping through it brings up great memories from all these nights, the music, the people and the good times.

More information on the book and on where to buy a copy can be found at bok.breakbeat.is.

  1. English translation: Broken Beat - Posters, flyers and other promotional material from Breakbeat.is 2000-2012