Dúsan - A traditional fast food happening

Dúsan was a fast food happening on Reykjavik Culture Night 2009 performed throughout the day for interested onlookers.

The idea is a modernised fast food version of the disgusting icelandic tradition of giving a “dúsa” to infants instead of breastfeeding them. A dúsa is a piece of cloth with chewed up food inside which infants suck on for sustenance.

Dúsan á Menningarnótt 2009

Dúsan is a updated 21. century version of this repulsive idea, the chefs chomp on various foods of your choosing before spitting the half chewed fare into a piece of cloth which you can then bring with you. Fast food taken to it’s extremes, why chew when you can have someone else do the work for you, in this day and age no one has the time to chew!

Thanks to Hrafnhildur and Tryggvi for helping me out and manning the stalls with me.